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International Yoga Day

As we know, benefits of yoga in a student’s life are immense. Yoga if practiced for an hour everyday with yoga exercises, yoga postures and yoga asana not only boost concentration levels but help in studies by making the mind relaxed and focused.This year the theme of International Day of Yoga (21st JUNE) is "YOGA for well-being”.

For this we are going to organize a VIRTUAL YOGA SESSION on 21.06.21 (Monday) from 7:00am onwards for Classes Nur to XII

Kindly note that the session will be conducted through GOOGLE MEET and the link for the online session will be shared on 20.06.21. You are requested to join the session on 21 June before 10mins.

Students should be ready before session in proper track suit (Lower with T-shirt) and yoga mats or Dari or carpet. 

For Senior Students - School track suit (Lower with T-shirt)

For Junior Students - Casual Lower with T-shirt

You will receive ATTENDANCE LINK at the end of the session. Filling of ATTENDANCE is mandatory to get E-Certificate.

Looking to a healthy and enriching participation.

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